This $120 laptop is the cheapest you’ll find on Cyber Monday (that’s actually worth buying)

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If you’re looking for the cheapest possible Cyber Monday laptop deal that’s actually worth buying, then the HP Chromebook 14 from Best Buy is the one to get.

As part of its Cyber Monday deals, Best Buy has knocked $130 off the HP Chromebook 14, offering the device for an ultra-low price of just $119.

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You won’t find many laptops that are any cheaper – and believe us when we say that the laptops you do find that are cheaper than this are probably not worth buying.

So, what makes the HP Chromebook 14 a worthwhile purchase. At first glance, the specs don’t look that good, with just 4GB of RAM and 32GB storage. If this was a Windows 10 laptop, we’d be warning you off it.

But this is a Chromebook, which means it runs the ChromeOS operating system. This is a lightweight OS that doesn’t require as powerful hardware as Windows 10. It means it can run speedily on low-powered and cheap laptop hardware.

Also, as it uses Google software, such as Google Docs, it means you don’t need that much storage space either, as you save most stuff on the internet.

So, while this isn’t a laptop you can do a lot of heavy duty work on, it’s perfect for students, especially at this price. It’s a great little laptop for browsing the web, and you can watch Disney+ (and other streaming services) on it with ease.

Speaking of Disney+, you also get three months free with this laptop, making it an even better deal.

What makes this good?

Even if you find a cheaper laptop, which isn’t that likely, we’d suggest thinking carefully about buying it. You’ll see some deals that offer laptops with 2GB RAM, or 32GB of storage.

This is not enough to run Windows 10, so even if it’s incredibly cheap, you’re still likely wasting your money. Thankfully, this HP Chromebook 14 deal isn’t a waste of money, and as long as you know what you’re getting, this is a great little deal.

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