Go with TalkTalk’s cheapest fibre broadband deal and get a £40 Amazon gift card

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Choosing your next fibre broadband deal can be tricky. With a pretty wide range of retailers battling for your attention, all with very similar pricing and speeds, how do you choose one? Well for a limited time, TalkTalk has a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

TalkTalk will offer you its cheapest fibre broadband deal, with speeds averaging 38Mb at a price of just £22.95 and, exclusively for TechRadar readers, TalkTalk will throw in a little gift – a £40 gift card.

That gift card can be used at Amazon.co.uk, M&S, Tesco or you can opt for it to be a Mastercard instead. However, if you don’t find yourself that interested in the voucher, TalkTalk won’t stand out as the absolute best value option.

Coming in at £21.95 a month for similar speeds to what TalkTalk is offering here, Vodafone will be a slightly cheaper option (£19.95 if you’re an existing Vodafone customer).

TalkTalk’s great value cheap broadband deal:

What other broadband deals are there?

We’re big fans of this offer from TalkTalk but it’s not the only offer making waves right now. BT, a usually rather expensive ISP, has seen a price drop recently. Taking its Superfast Fibre 2 package with speeds averaging 67Mb, BT has cut the price from £39.99 to £29.99 while still offering up an £80 Mastercard as an incentive.

Or, TalkTalk’s closest competitor as mentioned above – Vodafone. Go for its Superfast 1 package with speeds similar to TalkTalk’s above and you’ll be paying £21.95 (or £19.95 for existing Vodafone customers.)

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