Cheap Xbox One X deals just hit $299 / £299 in stunning price cut

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Xbox One X deals just hit $299 at Walmart, offering the lowest prices yet on the latest and greatest Xbox console. This is a great time to be hunting for a cheap Xbox One X bundles, with these consoles hitting fantastic new sales prices just in time for the weekend. That stunning $299 price is even cheaper than the fantastic Xbox One X bundle deals we were seeing over Black Friday, so grab yours before they run out of stock this weekend.

Meanwhile, the UK is seeing some fantastic prices on cheap Xbox One X deals with costs dipping well below £300. You’ll find top of the range bundles like this Forza Horizon 4 bundle for just £289 or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for £290 – fantastic prices on blockbuster releases.

With Xbox Series X steadily creeping up, it’s little wonder retailers are discounting these cheap Xbox One X deals with such abandon. That said, there’s every reason to pick up the current powerhouse of the Xbox world right now. Now that the next console is firmly insights, we’re seeing some fantastic prices landing on the current-gen console. Plus, games are only going to get cheaper once that new machine hits store shelves.

You can find cheap Xbox One S bundles for even less right now, so if you’re happy to forego some fancy features you might want to check out the latest sales. There are plenty of cheap Xbox games on sale right now as well – perfect for stocking up on the latest titles.

Cheap Xbox One X deals in the US

Cheap Xbox One X deals in the UK

We’re also tracking all the latest Xbox One S sales to keep you in the loop on the best prices out there. Plus, we’re also keeping an eye on Xbox Game Pass prices and the best Live Gold deals as well. You’ll find plenty more Xbox One X deals right here on TechRadar.

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