iD Mobile just set a new bar for cheap SIM-only deals with a £3.99 a month price tag

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It won’t be for everyone, with streamers and gamers looking on in disgust, but iD Mobile’s latest SIM plan is a true winner… for a limited group of people. Calling all those on a budget: this one’s for you.

iD Mobile, the network run by Carphone Warehouse, has just brought back one of its most impressive SIM plans. It offers up 500Mb data and 150 minutes and while that doesn’t sound great by any standards, its £3.99 a month price certainly is impressive!

That makes this the UK’s cheapest SIM plan, shooting below the competition while also offering unlimited texts and a 1-month rolling plan. That means you control the length of the contract – from a minimum of one month or you could choose to stay for years. This flexibility also means you can change your plan and increase your data at a month’s notice, should you find that you need more.

Of course, it’s evident that this plan won’t be for everyone but if you rarely use data or are connected to Wi-Fi most of time, this is the best option out there. For plans with a bit more data behind them, check out our guide to the best SIM only deals.

This cheap SIM only deal in full:

What other SIM only deals are out there?

The data cap is tiny, we know. So what bigger data plans are out there? Well, for just over £1 more each month, Lebara can score you 2GB of data, a great price for a slight data boost.

Jumping up a bit more, Three has an excellent 8GB of data for £8 a month plan and Smarty can secure you 30GB for £10 a month or 100GB for £15 a month .

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