Top 5 reasons why the LG UltraGear 27GL850 is the best monitor for your gaming needs

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LG recently released the 27-inch UltraGear monitor (model 27GL850) and it ticks all the right boxes for casual as well as professional gamers such as a non-IPS panel and high refresh rates that support G-Sync technology. If you are looking for a new gaming monitor, here are the reasons why the LG UltraGear 27GL850 should be on top of your list.

1) Size and resolution

The LG UltraGear monitor hits the sweet spot of size and resolution. The monitor’s tight pixel density and the 1440p resolution, allows the 27” display to produce crisp images for both gaming and desktop use. The 1440p is also easier on the graphics card as it doesn’t have to work extra hard at rendering images, so you will have sharp and colorful images at high frame rates even at the maximum quality settings.

2) 144Hz refresh rate with G-Sync support

The UltraGear monitor not only supports a 144hz refresh rate panel, but also compatibility with AMD FreeSync as well as NVIDIA G-Sync. What this means is that the display will be able to generate buttery smooth images at a high refresh rate, while eliminating any signs of screen tearing. This not only makes single player games more immersive, but also gives a competitive advantage in online multiplayer games. The fast display will give you precise control over your shots, without being bogged down by any trailing or ghosting issues.

3) Nano-IPS technology

Nano IPS is LG’s own innovation which aims to provide a better color gamut than other display technologies like IPS and VA. Nano IPS is where nanoparticles are applied to a LED backlight of an IPS display, which helps absorb excessive light wavelengths to increase the color gamut.

While most standard IPS displays have a 100% sRGB color space, Nano IPS displays have an extended range of 130%. This allows the display to produce more vibrant colors without over-saturating the image, which is efficient considering the monitor supports HDR. Nano IPS also retains all of the benefits of an IPS panel, over the VA, including better colors, a faster response time, and superior viewing angles.

4) Response time and input lag

Fast response time and low input lag means that you have absolute control over your shots. The 27GL850 model has some of the quickest response time on an IPS-based display, even beating out other TN-based monitors featuring higher refresh rates. With its excellent motion handling and blur-free images, you’ll always a clear sight of your enemies in games. Combined with the imperceptible input lag of ~4ms, the game performance is smooth and responsive, making it a perfect fit for professional gaming.

5) Value for money

With everything this monitor supports, you would expect it to be priced on the higher side but LG has priced the UltraGear 27GL850 affordably at AED 2,299 and it will be available in April. It’s difficult to find a product that matches the features and specifications of this UltraGear model.

With this monitor, not only are you getting flagship level performance but at a price that’s less than what you’d pay for competing brands.

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