One in three NHS computers still running Windows 7

Despite the government’s target of upgrading all PCs and laptops to Windows 10 by January of this year, close to half a million NHS computers are still running Windows 7. Windows 7 reached its End of Life last month and the outdated operating system will no longer receive security fixes for any newly discovered vulnerabilities […]

Teachers call for more computers in schools

Computers are becoming an integral part of the learning experience, with teachers across the UK calling for more hardware in the classroom, new research has found. A report from Lenovo surveying two thousand teachers across the UK found that the number one tech priority for UK teachers is more computers for students. And with the […]

Dell launches Dell Technologies on Demand

Dell has unveiled its new consumption-based and as-a-service offering called Dell Technologies on Demand to provide its customers with more choice, flexibility and consistency in the consumption and delivery of modern IT infrastructure. The new offering delivers IT with the agility of the cloud while also providing customers with the control, performance and predictability of […]