July 9, 2024

Game over for Kotaku, Lifehacker and Gizmodo. Is this truly the end of Australian gaming journalism? | Jackson Ryan

By Tech Online Things

The three brands licensed by Nine’s Pedestrian Group that kickstarted my career might be gone but as long as there’s appetite for video game content there’s hope

In 2006 I was fired from my job at EB Games. It was, with the benefit of hindsight, a well-earned dismissal. One Sunday I’d set up a camera and filmed myself jumping over a stack of boxes and hip thrusting at a stranger. Then I uploaded that highly pixelated video of an emo-fringed teenager in a black shirt and slacks to YouTube. Ah, the innocence of youth.

My area manager saw the video about eight months later. I was fired on the spot. (Today, of course, this would probably be some sort of TikTok trend.) Continue reading…