Here’s a glimpse into the latest tech news and rumors as of July 3rd, 2024:


  • Surprise Pixel Launch: Google announced an earlier-than-usual launch event for the Pixel 9 in August, shaking up the usual October release schedule [Trusted Reviews].
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Battle: Leaks suggest a new Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is coming, with rumors swirling about features it needs to compete with the Apple Watch Ultra [TechRadar].
  • LG’s Wireless Wonder: LG’s fancy new M4 wireless OLED TV is generating buzz, but comes with a hefty price tag compared to its wired counterpart [TechRadar].
  • Unreleased Xbox Streaming Console: A patent filing revealed a never-released Xbox cloud streaming device,leaving some to wonder what the future holds for Xbox cloud gaming [Trusted Reviews].
  • Palm Recognition Locks: The latest Philips smart lock ditches keys and codes, opting for palm recognition to unlock your door [Digital Trends].

Software & Services:

  • Meta’s 3D Text-to-Image AI: Meta boasts a new AI model that can generate 3D images from text descriptions in under a minute, pushing the boundaries of AI creativity [Digital Trends].
  • Xbox Live Struggles: Gamers are facing issues as Xbox Live is currently down, preventing users from signing into their accounts [Digital Trends].

Other Interesting Bites:

  • AI vs. Sarcasm: Researchers are finding it challenging to train AI to identify sarcasm, with a Seattle satirical news site tripping up some AI systems [GeekWire].
  • Space Spectacle: Skywatchers are in for a treat this July with a planetary parade visible throughout the month [NASA via Digital Trends].

Keep in mind that rumors can be just that, rumors! These are unconfirmed reports, so take them with a grain of salt.

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