Based on my search, there are two possible tech talks that happened on July 1, 2024:

  • TECH TALK: Harvesting Infinity – Part 3: Convergence [1] by Howard Lieberman at The Berkshire Edge. This talk focused on how AI tools can be used to gather insights about our subconscious knowledge and how this new knowledge needs to be integrated with our sense of identity for productive convergence.
  • 728 – Summer Tech Talks – Joel Prange [3] is a podcast by WELSTech. This episode is part of a series of tech talks focused on technology in ministry. Pastor Joel Prange talks about starting a home mission church.

Since the first result is about a written piece and not a live talk, it’s possible that the WELSTech podcast might be the relevant tech talk for July 1, 2024. Search Latest Technology